Archive Photos

  1. Jan 2007 photo - Showing some of the scenery work on the double-track addition.

  2. Bob Bomboy, standing at right, wastes no time getting the kids working.
    (Image captured from the iMovie video editor)

  3. Bob Bomboy -- standing in far right rear, hidden except the top of his head -- has an amazing ability to keep things calm and orderly in a room full of excited kids, plus 3 trains racing around the tracks, plus a bunch of adults all asking questions at once.
    (Image captured from the Quicktime video player)

  4. Jan 2007 Press-Enterprise Article.

    Click on article to
    open it slightly LARGER size.

  5. Christ Memorial Episcopal Church,
    120 East Market Street, Danville PA

  6. Announcing "Rail Days" at the church.

  7. Looking at the front of the layout.(Dec 2006)

  8. Another view of the front of the layout. (Dec 2006)

  9. Looking at the rear of the layout. The figure-8 portion in the very rear is the original layout that was build in 2005 (see next photo). The double-tracked addition in the front has all been built new for 2006.

  10. The original Kid's Layout, as constructed in 2005.